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About Us

About Us

AfriqAccent is an Afrocentric Boutique that was an inspiration in the making since 2015, and finally launched in 2018.  The scarcity of African inspired accessories was the driving force behind AfriqAccent. Our goal is to create a vibrant brand that will be a part of those who work diligently to shine a light on Africa, its people, rich cultures, and traditions.  We create a wide range of modern African inspired accessories that different African and non-African cultures could appreciate and use.  Some of our products are handmade, so our hearts go into every piece with our customers in mind.  At AfriqAccent we offer fashion accessories, T-Shirts, and other accessories for your home at affordable prices.


Above all, we believe in bringing value to every single one of our customers by providing exceptional products and customer service. Our greatest strength not only lies in offering our customers unique yet affordable high quality products, but also beautiful and stunning products that are highly competitive in the marketplace. We pride ourselves in providing a memorable experience to everyone who purchases our products. Our ultimate mission is to ensure we bring these beautiful creations to you. We want you to “Accent” your "Look" and "Space" with our products.


We hope you enjoy every piece of AfriqAccent!

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Las Vegas, NV - U.S.A

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Smiling Girl

Etotoz, Customer

I got my mask 🙋🏾‍♀️💁🏾‍♀️. I love that they are breathable and offer a sleeve for additional protection if need be! Thank you @afriqaccent for this much needed and highly personalized accessory

Confident Woman

Kay, Customer

I purchased masks and bangles.  The bangles are very comfortable, colorful and they can either be casual or dressy. The masks are very comfortable and the adjustable bands and price are the best part.

Grace, Customer

I love my tote bag; it is lightweight on my shoulders and designed for flexibility and organization. I personally think it is a must have bag for every lady.

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